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    • How do I know that my baby is getting enough milk?

    How do I know that my baby is getting enough milk? top

    There are some sure signs that your baby is getting enough milk. 

    1. WET Nappies- Once your milk comes in your baby should have 6-8 wet nappies in a 24 hr period. If your baby is having adequate output you can rest assured that he/she is getting the amount of milk required to grow.
    2. Weight gain- Your baby should start to gain weight after 2 weeks of age. Initially (first 5 days of life), your baby will lose approximately 10% of his/her birth weight. Then your baby will begin to gain weight. Generally, it will take two weeks for your baby to return to their birth weight and then they should gain 150-200grams per week. If your baby is gaining weight he/she is getting enough milk!

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