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It is really helpful if you can be prepared for breastfeeding. Sometimes the challenges that might arise will seem more difficult to overcome, if they are unexpected.

Latch and relax provides a comprehensive one on one consultation as part of our total Lactation Package.

One of our trained Lactation Consultants will visit your home and teach you the art of breastfeeding. Some of the principles and concepts that are discussed include; how to position your baby to get the best latch, how your baby latches to the breast, changes in your milk over time, emotions around breastfeeding in public, challenges that may arise and solutions to those challenges.  

You may have never actually witnessed a baby latch on the breast correctly, so we will show some DVD's to help give you a visual understanding of how babies latch to the breast correctly.

You may have built up your own ideas and impressions around breastfeeding throughout your life, depending on life experiences or perhaps through your own experience with a previous child. Our Lactation Consultants explore those impressions and help to build a healthy attitude towards breastfeeding and your relationship with your new baby.




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